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Millennium Medical Group, LLC your Immigration Medical Exam requieres the fallowing :

Our Doctors will record your complete medical history and perform a thorough examination. A bood sample wil be obtained for HIV and Syphilis. A tuberculosis skin test will be performed.
The US government requieres specific vaccinations according to your age. Please bring proof of all prior vaccinations with you to your scheduled appoitment.
The Millennium Medical Group doctor will perform a physical examination and a mental status exam regardless of age. Aplicants 2 yrs of age or older are requiered to have a TB (Tuberculosis) skin test which requieres a very small pin prick. After the skin test you will need to return to our offices in 48 to 72 hoours to have the results read. The immigration medical exam doctor is riquiered to perform a chest x-ray if the test reaction is 5 mm or greater.
Applicants completing the immigration medical examination that are 15 years of age or older requiere blood samples be taken for HIV and Syphilis. The Millennum Medical Group Doctor may requiere an applicant less than 15 years of age to have these test if there is a reason to believe the immigration medical applicant may have one of these diseases.
The Millennium Medical Group Doctor is requiered to provide pre and post test counseling to all applicants who have the HIV and Syphilis test performed.
The immigration medical examination requieres the following vaccinations : Mumps, Measles, Rubella, Polio, Tetanus, Diphtheria Toxoids, Pertussis, Influeza type B,
Hepatitis B, and any other vaccinations recommended by Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices ( ACIP ). Current ACIP recomendations also include the Varicella, Haemophilius Influenzae tye B, and Pneumococcal vaccines. The Millennium Medical Group Doctor will review your vaccination history with you to determine whether you have all the requiered vaccinations. Make sure you take your vaccination records with you to your appointment with our Doctors in Miami. Do not try to comply with these requirements before you meet with our Immigration Doctor, in case it is not medically appropriarte for you to have one or more of the required vaccines.
After the medical exam is complete, the Millennium Medical Group Doctor will give you Form-I693 with the results in a sealed envelope to present to INS. Do not open the sealed envelope.