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Obstetrics encompasses the care provided for expectant mothers before, during and after your baby’s birth. Prenatal care includes routine physician appointments and diagnostic testing, throughout your pregnancy to monitor your health and that of your baby. We’ll be there for you after baby’s birth to monitor your health and continue to answer questions for you as you and your family adjust to your new arrival. At Millennium Medical Group all of our physicians are board certified and take great pride in remaining current with the new medications and treatments as they become available. Our priority is to provide access for you health services that are appropriate and best for your medical needs. Millennium Medical Group mission is to provide the best possible medical care in the most sensitive & caring manner to women who seek our services. We believe that the physician-patient relationship is a very special one, and is based upon open and honest communication. Our physicians and clinical and administrative staffs strive to offer the best possible medical care to women in all stages of life. We understand the unique challenges facing women in each phase of life: . Pregnancy, whether it’s your first baby, or next. . Infertility. . Routine preventive care. . Episodic or chronic gynecologic problems. . Menopause.