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At Millennium Medical Group our Professional Doctors offers complete Gynecology services in a relaxed, comforting evironment in our modern medical clinics in Miami – Dade County.
The pap-smear screen for cervical cancer test it’s a simple procedure during the speculum part of the pelvic exam by scraping some cells off the surface of the cervix .
Pap-Smear can not only detect cervical cancer, they can pick-up pre-cancerous changes to the cervix which can ten be treated to prevent cancer from ever developing.
Pap-Smears is a medical diagnostic procedure introduced in the forties and this routine screening has reduce the rates of cervical cancer in the USA by an impressive 75 %.
Our Millennium Medical Group Doctors recommended that women start getting these test as soon as they became sexually active and then get one every year after that, recent guidelines suggest that especially when paired with test for HPV ( whish is the cause of the most cases of cervical cancer ) they can be effective even when given much less frequently.
The National Association of Gynecologist Doctors suggest that women under 21 do no need pap-smears but this test should be given when a woman turns 21 regardless of whether she is sexually active. From 20 to 29 women should be tested every 3 years. Women between 30 and 65 have a choice of getting a Pap-Smear with HPV test and getting both test every 5 years. Women who are over 65 or have had hysterectomy in which the cervix was removed do no need pap-smear test unless they have a history of pre-cancerous lesions or are otherwise at high risk.
It is important to note, that the HPV vaccine does not affect these recomendations. Women who have been vaccinated should fallow the same Pap-Smear schedule.