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At Millennium Medical Group, LLC all our Urology Doctors are commmited to providing the finest medical services in a friendley, personalized and caring evironment. We will do our best to meet and exceed your expectations for your healthcare.
While we diagnosed and threat specific problems, we take pride in seeing you not only as a patient, but as a complete person. You won’t find us treating you like a number on your insurance card or rushing you in and out our office. We take the time you need to answer your questions and assist you wherever possible. We bieleve in educating you as completely as possible about your health and establishing a lasting relationship with you.
We treat many conditions of the urinary and reproductive tracts. In our practice, we especialize in minimally invasive treatment of urological conditions. We always continually seeking and obtaining education and training in the latest treaments for urological conditions. Including microwave thermotherapy benign prostate growth (BPH) and in-office proceduresto eliminate the embarrassment and disconfort of bladder leakage in women.
For Prostate cance, we use innovative treatment modalities such a freezing prostate cancer cells (cryoablation), HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) and Radioactive seed implants (Brachytherapy) to help men avoid radical surgery.
MALE SERVICES :  Bladder Control ( Overactive bladder ) – Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) – Erectile Dysfuntion – Kidney Stones – Postate Cancer – Causes of Prostate Cancer – Urologic Cancer – Urinary Tract Infections – Vasectomy – Vasectomy Reversals – Circumcision – Testosterone Replacement – Testicular Conditions.
FEMALE SERVICES : Bladder Control ( Operactive Bladder) – Kidney Stones – Urinary Infections – Urinary Incontinence.